El Escorial

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El Escorial

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Author: Mary Cable

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El Escorial is more than a monument to the zeal of Spain's Catholicism; it is also a symbol of Spain at its imperial apogee. This imposing, granite edifice was built by King Philip II to celebrate Spain's victory over the French at Saint-Quentin on August 10, 1557.

Paid for with New-World gold, this sprawling monastery-palace is laid out in a vast grid of corridors and courtyards. At its heart is the austere Doric basilica of San Lorenzo el Real - beneath which are the remains of eleven Spanish kings, including Philip.

The story of this fascinating, enduring symbol of Spain's monarchy is vividly told by historian and bestselling author Mary Cable - from its actual construction to the dramatic lives and history of its rulers.

Today, El Escorial is recognized, just as it was by Philip's contemporaries, as "la octava maravilla del mundo" - "the eighth wonder of the world."

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