Hell on Earth

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Hell on Earth

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Author: Charles Mee

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"Charles Mee is one of America's greatest living playwrights."
- OffOffOnline.com

Here are seven enthusiastically received plays about the horrors of life on earth by Charles Mee: The House of Cards, Life is a Dream, Salome, Global Warming, Time to Burn, The Rules, and Jesus.

"Salome is strong, thought-provoking work: Mee might argue that there's no such thing as an original play, but here the most striking element is originality, the newness and freshness of what's put in front of us."
- ArtsATL.com

"All hail Chuck Mee. . . . one of America's drollest and freshest playwrights. . . ."
- The Off Off Broadway Review

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