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More Love Stories

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Author: Charles Mee

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"Charles Mee is one of the most imaginative playwrights of our time."

Here are six enthusiastically received plays about love by Charles Mee: Adam and Evie, Bedtime Stories, Paradise Park, Tunnel of Love, A Perfect Wedding, and Cardenio.

"Mr. Mee's plays are . . . far from being cerebral postmodern experiments. They are full of music, dance, and stunning visual spectacle. And they express a view of life, as shattered and disorienting, that is deeply personal."
- The New York Sun

"Charles Mee['s] . . . play offers so much more than a statement on national identity. It makes familiar truths about love so strange and surprising that they become freshly affecting."
- Variety

". . . Mee is one of American drama's most personal dramatists. . . . fresh, stimulating, often humorous verbal and visual theater."
- Copley News Service

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