Paris Nights and Days

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Paris Nights and Days

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Author: Charles Mee

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". . . funny, provocative, wildly inventive. . . . remarkably entertaining."
- San Francisco Chronicle

Here are five enthusiastically received plays by Charles Mee: Fêtes de la Nuit, Limonade Tous les Jours, Café le Monde, Memory Palace, and A Walk in the Park.

". . . a feast for the mind and, when the subject is love, a feast for the heart."
- The Austin Chronicle

". . . an honest-to-goodness romantic comedy . . . a winsome bonbon with a sweet, gooey center."

". . . a tickling, ultimately piercing rumination on romance in the twilight of life. . . ."
- Los Angeles Times

". . . a fast moving, racy, raunchy confection that may offend some, annoy a few and surely make everybody else roll in the aisles."

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