The Lives of the Artists

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The Lives of the Artists

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Author: Charles Mee

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". . . what unfurls on the stage . . . is brashly, unapologetically entertaining. . . ."
- The New York Times

Here are six enthusiastically received plays by Charles Mee inspired by immortal artists: Matisse's Self Portrait, Picasso's Masterpiece, Van Gogh's Sunflowers, bobrauschenbergamerica, Hotel Cassiopeia, and soot and spit.

"Charles L. Mee's fascinating and luminous bobrauschenbergamerica . . . is awash with warmth and has a vibrant emotional and intellectual center. . . . It's a stunner."
- Variety

". . . bobrauschenbergamerica is a stunning tableau of dance, comedy, memory, feeling, and storytelling."
- The Indypendent

"Bobrauschenbergamerica is a dizzying, exciting collage of America."

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