The Streets of New York

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The Streets of New York

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Author: Charles Mee

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". . . one of the country's most prominent experimental dramatists."
- The New York Times

Here are five enthusiastically received plays set in New York by Charles Mee: Coney Island Avenue, The Mail Order Bride, Queens Boulevard, Utopia Parkway, and Our Times: On the Street Where I Live.

"You would have to be blind not to be impressed . . . "

"In Queens Boulevard . . . Mee essentially throws a lavish, heartfelt party for New York City's most diverse borough. Guests at the wedding of Vijay . . . and Shizuko . . . cavort in traditional Indian and Japanese costumes on Mimi Lien's festive scenic re-creation of Jackson Heights' polyglot street life; Russian bath denizens do a swiveling striptease to Pakistani qawwali music . . . ; the playlist riffs gleefully through francophone rap, Okinawan folk-pop and ABBA karaoke. Mee's loose-limbed plot - based on an Indian Kathakali play and inflected with Homer - sends his newlyweds on diverging quests, all the better for them to get instructively tangled in nets of social discord and obligation. Vijay's friend Abdi . . . passionately hammers home Mee's point: that the 'social love' of a community 'makes a safe place for our personal love to flourish.'. . . Dig in the dancing Queens, indeed."

"Queens Boulevard . . . [is] absolutely bursting with vitality. . . . [and] it ends on a strong, feel-good note that has both actors and audience members exiting with smiles on their faces."

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