The It Factor

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The It Factor

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Author: Mark Wiskup

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Some people have the ability to start a conversation and immediately draw in listeners, while others - perhaps even those with more valuable information - get pushed to the side, seemingly ignored. Unfortunately, for those who don't have "It," this undeniable factor is not only an attractive quality but also a hallmark of success. This practical, entertaining guide will help anyone boost communication skills and consistently make a positive impression. The It Factor gives readers the tools, techniques, insights - and confidence - to take charge of any conversation, meeting, or networking encounter.

"In this book, Mark Wiskup comes as close as anyone I've seen to the Holy Grail that all learners want: Give me something that will help me, give it to me in plain English so that it's crystal clear, and wrap it in a story so that I'll remember it. The It Factor is an enjoyable read that delivers critical lessons for anyone who wants to be a better communicator."
- Ed Ruggero, author Combat Jump