Capt D. Michael Abrashoff

At the age of 36, D. Michael Abrashoff became the much admired skipper of USS Benfold, a troubled ship that, in a short 18 months, he and his crew transformed into the best guided-missile destroyer in the U.S. Navy. Publications from Fast Company to the Harvard Business Review heralded their achievement. Abrashoff himself told their story in It’s Your Ship. Now a consultant to large corporations and popular speaker on leadership topics, he is the founding partner of Grassroots Leadership Solutions. Abrashoff is also the author of It’s Our Ship and Get Your Ship Together.

Everyone a Winner

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How to get People to Take the Initiative

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How to Boost Your Crew's Morale

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Managing Up

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How to Get Your Crew to Take the Wheel

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Listen Up!

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Get Results, Not Salutes

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What I Learned at the Naval Academy

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Changing a Troubled Ship's Course

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