Agatha Christie, A Life

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Agatha Christie, A Life

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Agatha Christie fully earned her title as the Queen of Crime. Her detective stories have been eagerly devoured by some six generations of readers, and her two unforgettable sleuths, Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot, keep winning new fans who never experienced the country houses and elegant train compartments where the two coolly unmasked dozens of murderers.

Agatha Christie will be read as long as people want detective stories, and that means she'll probably never lose her other title. With more than 4 billion copies of her books in print, she is the bestselling novelist of all time.

Here, in this Quick Read, is her page-turning life story – from her childhood in a tranquil village on the southwestern coast of England to her term with the eccentric pharmacist who educated her in all things poisonous to her time on archeological digs in the remote corners of the Middle East to her mysterious disappearance to, finally, the deaths she planned (Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple) and the one she did not (her own).

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