Boardwalk Melodies

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Boardwalk Melodies

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Author: Brian Dominic

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A battle between a complicated Jersey everyman and his wealthy one-percenter brother-in-law could be just a domestic fight on steroids - or it could be a war for the economic soul of America. Told in the author's gritty, heartbreakingly ironic voice, Boardwalk Melodies breaks out as a tour-de-force of contemporary fiction in dark economic times.

Everything changed when Wall Street's greediness went viral in 2008 and planted the seeds for an American revolution on Main Street. Harley-driving maniac Freddie Breda-Moreno, known as Sparky since his childhood, lived on the Jersey Shore while his brother-in-law, Colonel State King, was one of the state's most influential businessmen. King propelled Sparky's sister, Karen, to mayor of South Nullibi City and refurbished the town completely to become a shining tourist trap. But, when his imperialistic designs were revealed as nothing more than shell games fueled by a vicious Ponzi scheme, Sparky and his family take the lead in a people's revolt.

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