Boca Mournings

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Boca Mournings

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"Part Robert Parker, part Carl Hiaasen, Eddie Perlmutter is a high testosterone, no-nonsense detective with a tender core, and makes turning sixty a carnal, tropical ride."
- Andrew Gross

Since he arrived in sunny Florida, Eddie has survived a run-in with the Russian mafia and tangled with Boca's own family of neo-Nazis. But crime and punishment in the land of the Early Bird Special are complicated. The Russians have fled; still their evil lingers; and though the neo-Nazis' junior thug is guilty, punishing him is a lot more complicated than Eddie thought it would be. And that's just Eddie's unfinished business. Helped by a reformed computer conman, he's busier with new cases than he was in Boston, ranging from a haunted elevator to a double kidnapping. He's got cases with trails as far as Russia and Israel. Retirement, my foot.

On top of that, women won't let him retire from affairs of the heart, either. Between his amorous adventures and his burgeoning sleuth business, the twists and turns of Eddie's life make this an edge-of-your-seat, uproariously funny thriller.

"With a wink and nod, the top cop urges Eddie to take on the city's toughest criminals in near-vigilante fashion. What results is an entertaining mix of comedy and drama as Eddie squares off with an anti-Semitic hate group. Fortunately, Forman steers his geriatric hero clear of the buffoonery and sentimentality that often comes with the territory in this subgenre."
- Booklist

"Mystery fans who like their operatives macho with an offbeat sense of humor will certainly enjoy this book and look forward to the next in the series."
- Library Journal

"Those with a cockeyed sense of humor will find much to like in this parody of a cop caper."
- Publishers Weekly

"Boca Knights goes down faster than a frosty double mojito on a hot tropical night."
- Lincoln Child

"Eddie Perlmutter is a character for the ages. Carl Hiaasen, watch your back."
- Douglas Preston

"Steve Forman's fun, funky twist of the private eye novel is entertaining and takes dead aim on Boca Raton with devastating results."
- James O. Born

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