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Author: Norman Bogner

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New York Times bestselling author Norman Bogner returns with Deception featuring Dr. Elena Gould, a heroine for our times.

A highly regarded cardiologist from Manhattan, a ski accident forces Elena to give up medicine. Widowed for a year, her life at loose ends, she, through her benevolence and love of children, adopts the young daughter of a prostitute, loving, raising, and educating the child who, surreptitiously doesn't return that affection.

Carrie grows into a ruthless computer hacker and drug addict, hating her adopted mother.

Hoping to rebalance her life, Elena goes to Europe to teach cardiology but secretly hoping to recapture the life she always wanted with her first love, Rafi, now a philosophy professor in London, but once her professor and lover at Cornell.

The charismatic Rafi is not at all what she assumed. He is a Muslim, raised by a Jew, and for years hid his true intent and now heads a terrorist cell, intending to commit a massive attack in London.

Knowing nothing of this, Elena falls in love again with Rafi, but she slowly discovers that the man she has loved all of her adult life is not at all what she imagined and only she can stop him.

Can she?

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