Fire Dream

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Fire Dream

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Fire Dream captures the depth and essence of the Vietnam War experience as no other novel has. A generation came of age in Vietnam, then returned home to find itself reviled at worst and ignored at best. Between the fighting and the return was a world of living and loving. Franklin Allen Leib has written an epic account of that world.

The intriguing cast of characters is headed by Lt. William Stuart, United States Navy. Billy Hunter, a gung-ho marine from Arkansas runs long-range Reconnaissance Patrols near the DMZ. Bobby Cole, an angry young black marine, learns that in the brotherhood of war, racial differences must be transcended. Moser, a gentle giant with a slowness belying his insight, becomes Stuart's devoted shadow.

All the men have much to come to terms with - on the ship, on R&R, in combat on the line, meeting death, longing for love, and praying for survival. Bobby Cole's brother, Simon, provides a faith that helps; General "Blackjack" Beaurive shows a true path to glory and the need for men at war to preserve their honor although they return to an indifferent world.

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