Lost Girl

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Lost Girl

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Author: Larry Martz

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" . . . Compelling . . ."
- Kirkus

In a Detroit still full of vitality and swagger, a child's brutal murder turns out to be both far more and far less than it seems and a boy becomes a pawn in covering up the truth. A gifted politician launches what will surely be a national career. A beautiful young woman is torn between her love and the aphrodisiac of power.

The murder leads a young reporter to the city's corrupt underside, from Jimmy Hoffa's Teamsters and their gangland allies to the "respectable" men who deal with them under the table. In the end, the tangle of interlaced schemes erupts into national news.

Larry Martz delivers an electrifying, all-too-real novel full of twists and turns. Lost Girl is a chilling, page-turning story of murder, money, and power.