The Faberge Egg: An Amos McGuffin Mystery

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The Faberge Egg: An Amos McGuffin Mystery

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Author: Robert Upton

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"Upton deserves a standing ovation." - Publishers Weekly

When private investigator Amos McGuffin discovers that his ex-wife and daughter have disappeared from their San Francisco apartment, his only clue is a yellowed newspaper clipping describing the murder of his partner eighteen years earlier by a one-time Nazi, Otto Kruger. McGuffin quickly realizes that Kruger has his family.

Working from the clipping, the PI finds Klaus Vandenhof, a former Nazi officer still living off the proceeds of his World War II plunder, who proposes a deal: If McGuffin brings him a long-missing Faberge egg, he will guarantee the safe return the detective's loved ones. McGuffin reluctantly agrees, and soon the corpses and suspense pile up as McGuffin rushes from the San Francisco to the vineyards of Napa Valley in search of a jeweled egg that may no longer exist but that he needs to exchange for two people who may no longer be alive.

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