The Rising

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The Rising

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The Rising recounts the triumphs and tragedies of Sam Houston's early career as a headstrong soldier and protean politician. This sequel to Robert Wisehart's Born for the Storm finds Houston - the former U.S. congressman and failed governor of Tennessee - in Texas, where he has been appointed general of the newly proclaimed republic's revolutionary army.

Vividly evoking the hardships and dangers of that muddy, frontier struggle, Wisehart brings to life the cool-headed commander's inspired balancing act as he keeps his badly overmatched army - ill-supplied, untrained, and on the verge of mutiny - out of harm's way while he plots his one desperate chance to prevail against the arrogant Mexican dictator Santa Ana.

Readers who enjoyed Born for the Storm will find this book a more-than-worthy continuation of the story and an essential transition to The Lion at Bay, the final installment in Wisehart's Sam Houston trilogy.

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