Mary Cable

Mary Cable is the author of Black Odyssey: The Case of the Slave Ship Amistad and The Case of the Slave Ship Amistad.

Lost New Orleans

New Orleans has been decimated from time to time by disease, fire, and hurricane... Details
Price: $9.99

El Escorial

El Escorial is more than a monument to the zeal of Spain's Catholicism; it is al... Details
Price: $9.99

Avery's Knot

In May 1832, in Newport, Rhode Island, a Methodist minister named Ephraim K. Ave... Details
Price: $9.99

Tell Me the Truth About Love

In this rich novel of family conflict and closely guarded secrets, Mary Cable ex... Details
Price: $9.99

Top Drawer: American High Society from the Gilded Age to the Roaring Twenties

The age of high society in the United States was remarkably brief but also glori... Details
Price: $9.99

The Blizzard of 88

"Well-researched, well-written, and highly engaging"
- National Review
Price: $9.99

The Case of the Slave Ship Amistad

In August 1839, what appeared to be a listless pirate ship, unidentified by any ... Details
Price: $9.99

Newport's Mansions

One of them was built without wood, and the other lacked doorknobs, but they fla... Details
Price: $0.99