Olivier Bernier

Historian Olivier Bernier, an American-born son of French parents, was educated at Harvard University, New York University, and in Paris. He is the author of a number of books, including Marie Antoinette, Lafayette, and The World in 1800.

Pleasure and Privilege: Life in France, Naples, and America 1770-1790

"Only those who lived before the Revolution know how sweet life can be," Talleyr... Details
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Words of Fire, Deeds of Blood: France in Revolution

This book is a unique history of the French Revolution - a colorful, insightful,... Details
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Louis XV

"History as it ought to be written." - The New Yorker

Louis XV lived ... Details
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The Eighteenth Century Woman

The hallmarks of the eighteenth century - its opulence, charm, wit, intelligence... Details
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Princes of the Renaissance

Acclaimed art historian and Metropolitan Museum of Art lecturer Olivier Bernier ... Details
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Louis XIV

Louis XIV - the Sun King or Louis the Great, as he was also known - ruled France... Details
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Marie Antoinette

". . . [A] behind-the-scenes peek at Versailles . . . and an account of a fraugh... Details
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The World in 1800

"Olivier Bernier's richly detailed, engaging, and elegant books offers a splendi... Details
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Historian Olivier Bernier draws an indelible portrait of the man who represented... Details
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