Richard Schickel

Richard Schickel is a film historian, filmmaker, and film critic. He is the author of 37 books and the director-writer-producer of dozens of films and television documentaries, largely about film makers and movie history. Schickel began his career as a film critic at Life in 1965 and served in a similar capacity at Time until 2009. He has held a Guggenheim fellowship, was awarded an honorary degree from the American Film Institute and the British Film Institute Book Prize, as well as the William K. Everson Award from the National Board of Review and the Telluride Film Festival’s Silver Medal, both for his service to the film industry.
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The Actors

Here, Time's legendary film critic Richard Schickel profiles seven extraordinary... Details
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Gary Cooper, A Life In Film

Gary Cooper was demonstrably the greatest star of his era and one of the two or ... Details
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George Cukor: The Interview

In 1973, legendary film critic and historian Richard Schickel and a documentary ... Details
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James Cagney, A Life In Film

In November 1980, legendary film critic and historian Richard Schickel and a doc... Details
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Marlon Brando, A Life In Film

Marlon Brando's career could have been made into an epic film. In the first act,... Details
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Laurence Olivier, A Life In Film

Sir Lawrence Olivier played life as he played his roles, rejecting the romantic ... Details
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Bette Davis, A Life In Film

Edgy, wayward, domineering, and endlessly watchable, Bette Davis daringly suppli... Details
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The Hollywood 10

Thanks to iconic roles in films such as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, Humph... Details
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Charles Chaplin: A Life In Film

Charlie Chaplin - beloved by his generation, nearly forgotten today - was a cine... Details
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