The Editors of New Word City

Over the past 25 years, New Word City’s writers and editors -- veterans of The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Harper’s, and The Wall Street Journal -- have turned out some of the bestselling business books of all time. Working closely with clients, the New Word City team has produced more than 70 books, of which more than 7 million copies have been sold. These titles have logged more than 500 weeks on The New York Times, Business Week, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.
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Great Leaders: Sam Walton

It would be difficult to overstate the impact that Sam Walton had on business. T... Details
Price: $0.99

Great Leaders: John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy came into the world possessing every advantage: wealth, good loo... Details
Price: $2.99

Great Leaders: Ray Kroc

From soda jerk to billionaire restauranteur, Ray Kroc exemplified American entre... Details
Price: $0.99

Great Leaders: Bono

Bono may be best known as the lead singer of the rock band U2, but he has also s... Details
Price: $2.99

Great Leaders: J.P. Morgan

There is no arguing J.P. Morgan's monumental influence. As both the guardian of ... Details
Price: $2.99

Henry Ford, A Life

Henry Ford was perfectly tuned to his time. While other automakers were turning ... Details
Price: $0.99

Great Leaders: Michelle Obama

America's First Lady Michelle Obama, the direct descendant of slaves, now lives ... Details
Price: $2.99

Great Leaders: Margaret Thatcher

Revered by many, reviled by some, Margaret Thatcher was respected for the streng... Details
Price: $2.99

Great Leaders: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is one of history's truly remarkable figures, the father of the n... Details
Price: $2.99