Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is one of the most distinguished and productive historians and novelists of our time. He has written 20 nonfiction books that have won prizes and praise from critics and fellow historians, many with a special focus on the American Revolution. He has also written 23 novels, many of them bestsellers, which explore the lives of men and women in vivid narratives that range from the raw America of the 1730s to the superpower that confronted World War II and endured Korea and Vietnam.
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Storms Over the Presidency

Choosing the most important hours in the long history of the American presidency... Details
Price: $9.99

Washington's Secret War: The Hidden History of Valley Forge

"A superb retelling of the story of Valley Forge and its aftermath, demonstratin... Details
Price: $9.99

Bunker Hill

“Written with skill and suspense, it is an inspiring story that Americans can ... Details
Price: $9.99

Young Jefferson

In this swift, insightful book, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming... Details
Price: $9.99

First Stroke: Lexington and Concord

On April 19, 1775, thirty-eight Americans formed two uneven lines on the wet gra... Details
Price: $9.99

The Trial of John Brown

Even his abolitionist allies thought his attack on Harpers Ferry insane, but, as... Details
Price: $2.99

Beat the Last Drum: The Siege of Yorktown

With the eye of a novelist and the rigor of a historian, New York Times bestsell... Details
Price: $9.99

The Good Shepherd

"I have not sought or desired this new ministry," Pope John XXIII once wrote. Fo... Details
Price: $9.99

Loyalties: A Novel of World War II

New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming tells a haunting love story set... Details
Price: $9.99