Timothy Foote

Timothy Foote served in the Navy at Okinawa in World War II, then studied English at Harvard. He got interested in history by witnessing it unfold as a Paris-based reporter. He covered the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, where he was shot; France's cruel and grueling war in Algeria; and Nasser's abrupt taking of the Suez Canal. Later, he wrote a book on Flemish painter Peter Bruegel. He has been a senior editor of Life, Time, and Smithsonian. “In the kingdom of the past,” he notes, “all decisions have been made, the results (triumph or disaster) considered in perspective and at leisure. The men and women who made those decisions had no such advantages. They acted in the furious perplexing heart of life. The first duty of popular history is not to judge them by our politically correct standards but to understand the world they lived in as they saw it.”

In Columbus's Time

We think of the period when Christopher Columbus traveled to the New World as a ... Details
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