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World War II: Air War

The air war over Europe during World War II proved that combat in the sky can be... Details
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Renaissance Milan

Milan possessed great wealth, and in the Sforza and Visconti families, able rule... Details
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Renaissance Florence

Of all the Italian cities, Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance. But Flore... Details
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The Atomic Bomb

On August 6 and 9, 1945, in the last significant blows of World War II, American... Details
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The Best of American Heritage: Lincoln

Some of America's foremost historians - including James M. McPherson, Allan Nevi... Details
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The Architects: Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn was one of the most important architects of the twentieth century, ha... Details
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The Renaissance

By 1400, the foundation of the Italian Renaissance had been laid. There was burg... Details
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Renaissance Rome

In the fifteenth century, Rome was reborn - not spiritually, for Renaissance pop... Details
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American Heritage History of Flight

People dreamed of flight for thousands of years. When we finally took to the ski... Details
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