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The Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War established the reputation of Major General Zachary Tay... Details
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The Suez Canal

Critics said Ferdinand de Lesseps's ambitious scheme to link the waters of the M... Details
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A Renaissance Man in the Middle Ages

A renaissance man in the Middle Ages, Alfonso the Learned of Castile marshaled t... Details
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The Silk Road

Nothing in history sounds grander than a trade route, one of those thick bold li... Details
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The Norman Conquest

The fateful clash of arms at Hastings was one of the most decisive and significa... Details
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Change of Course

Joseph Klempner weaves a riveting story of two brothers, Joe and Jack, and their... Details
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The Actors

Here, Time's legendary film critic Richard Schickel profiles seven extraordinary... Details
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Shakespeare's England

When William Shakespeare was about twenty, his life changed forever. He left Str... Details
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Here, from New York Times bestselling author Robert Wernick, is the unforgettabl... Details
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