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Leadership Lessons: Warren Buffett, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Dwight Eisenhower, Steve Jobs, and Ray Kroc

Here are timeless leadership lessons for all of us from: Warren Buffet, the most... Details
Price: $9.99

Russians in California

An Imperial colony on America's West Coast was Russia's aim. But, Pulitzer-Prize... Details
Price: $1.99


Surprised and almost overwhelmed at Shiloh, General Ulysses S. Grant stubbornly ... Details
Price: $1.99

Rescue in the Arctic

As the debate droned on in Congress about whether to spend money on a rescue tea... Details
Price: $1.99

Searching for MacArthur

An overheard remark sent Geoffrey Perret off on a years-long quest to discover t... Details
Price: $1.99

The Taj Mahal

Everyone has seen photographs of the Taj Mahal. The massive, bulbous central dom... Details
Price: $9.99

Horizon History of Ancient Greece

Here, from award-winning historian William Harlan Hale, is the ever-fascinating ... Details
Price: $9.99

Bobby Jones's Grand Slam

In four months in the summer of 1930, Bobby Jones, a twenty-eight-year-old amate... Details
Price: $1.99

The Great Glacier

The last glacier that covered most of North America reshaped the land, turned ri... Details
Price: $0.99