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Greece: A History

Here, from the award-winning writer and historian Alexander Eliot, is the dramat... Details
Price: $9.99

Alexander Graham Bell

"Brings Bell's creativity boldly to life."
- Scientific American

... Details
Price: $9.99


Once more, bestselling author Joseph T. Klempner combines thrills, vivid charact... Details
Price: $9.99

The Romanovs

The Romanov dynasty has dazzled, intrigued, and confused the world for more than... Details
Price: $9.99

Felony Murder

"In the form of a crackling thriller, Felony Murder explores the murky areas of ... Details
Price: $9.99

Scandinavia: A History

Here, from award-winning historian Ewan Butler, is the dramatic story of Scandin... Details
Price: $9.99

The Pirates

Pirates are often glorified as nautical Robin Hoods, heroes of the seas - and so... Details
Price: $9.99

Life in the Renaissance

Here, award-winning historian Charles L. Mee Jr. explores life in Renaissance It... Details
Price: $9.99

The Low Countries: A History

Here, from British historian and New Yorker senior writer Anthony Bailey is the ... Details
Price: $9.99